Pin Spot Light for Disco Ball

Single color spotlight with soft lighting beam; shines onto the disco ball for reflecting lights.

Strand Lighting Lekolite 1K Ellipsoidal Spotlight (Leko 40)

Light and versatile, fixed beam luminaire.  Features manual pan/tilt and 3-pin stage connector, with maximum capacity of 1000W.


Aladdin A-LITE Bi-Color Dimmable LED Light

Portable, high-end variable bi-color on-board LED light with integrated lithium-ion battery (up to 1 hour and 20 minutes runtime), completely dimmable from 5–100%; generates a color-temperature range from tungsten (2900°K) to daylight (6300°K) and every point in-between.

Includes: (1) Aladdin A-LITE Bi-Color Dimmable Light Fixture, (2) Aladdin A-LITE Li-Ion Batteries, (1) Aladdin 3/8" to 1/4"-20 Adapter, and (1) Aladdin A-LITE External Interchangeable Battery Charger.


IDX System Technology X3-Lite LED On-Camera Light

On-camera, daylight-balanced dimmer light; uses an LED lamp which outputs 35W of illumination using only 11W of power.

Includes: (1) barndoor.

Litepanels MicroPro 2 LED On-Camera Light

Compact and dimmable; uses AA batteries.  Ideal for on-camera applications with small cameras (offers more illumination than the standard Micro and will work with more cameras).  Features LED technology and is balanced for daylight (5600K), with a 9W draw.


PAG Paglight On-Camera Light w/PowerMax Control Unit

Compact and cool running.  For use as either halogen 3200K or metal-halide arc light 5600K.  Interchangeable plug-in lamp units fit into the back of the lamp body, allowing varients of wattages and unit types to be exchanged without handling lamp.


Sachtler Reporter 75H On-Camera Light

Lightweight and compact; ideal for on-board, fill-in, or catch light.  Power consumption of 20W-75W.

Includes: (1) rotatable 4-leaf barndoor.



ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal Fixture

Ellipsoidal base provides clean, white beam with 750W HPL lamp and dichroic reflector.

Includes: (1) gel frame and (1) drop-in iris.





ETC Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr w/Shutter Barrel

LED fixture incorporates the seven color x7 system with an array of 60 Luxeon Rebel LED emitters to provide a range of colors (red, green, amber, cyan, blue, indigo, and lime).  Features: CRI >90 at 5600K, 15-bit virtual dimming, DMX512 in/out with 5-pin XLR ports, quiet fan cooling, with an LED lifetime of 20,000 hrs.

Includes: (1) gel frame and (1) drop-in iris.





ETC Source Four PAR Fixture

Includes: (1) 750W HPL lamp, (1) 4-lens set, and (1) gel frame.

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